LookUpPeople.co.uk used to be a great site to search Electoral Rolls, Director Records and the Birth Marriage and Death register online. However, it’s now been closed and we recommend that you search 192.com instead.

192.com also allows you to search the edited Electoral Roll - only this site has records from 2002 right through to 2012. You can also use its Family Records section to access the Birth, Marriage and Death register right the way back to 1837. Finally, there is a dedicated UK Directors Search too.

We apologise for any inconvenience that closing LookUpPeople has caused but we’re sure you’ll enjoy using 192.com instead. It has many more records for you to search and offers some really powerful search functionality as well.

You can see for yourself using the search form on this page. This will take you directly to the search results for the person that you’re looking for.

If you need to contact someone about a previous subscription with LookUpPeople.co.uk, then Contact Us today.